Working together

  • To discuss your project, please call me at
    250-652-1594, or

I'll provide you with a cost and time estimate and we can go through it together to make sure I've understood your needs.

Once approved, I'll produce sketches for you, or if it's a larger project - plans and storyboards.

When I have your signature indicating I can go ahead, I will produce your work for you, and will do everything I can to make sure you're happy with it - within budget, and on time.

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Located in Victoria, BC, Canada, watersbiomedical specializes in creating clear, cost-effective medical illustration, scientific illustration and communication materials for medicine and science. Custom medical and scientific teaching and communication materials to match your needs and budget, created by a professional, fully qualified medical illustrator: Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC, AMI member.

Services include: medical illustration, medical animation, medical art, scientific illustration, scientific art, surgical illustration, presentations, anatomy illustration, work for healthcare promotion, advertising, publications, and websites.