Professional medical illustrator for freelance medical illustration. Accredited Medical School Biomedical Communications programme graduate

WatersBiomedical is a full-service medical illustration animation and design studio, specializing in the creation of materials to communicate scientific and medical concepts. We are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and serve clients worldwide.

What makes a professional medical illustrator?
Professional biomedical communicators (medical illustrators or animators) are both scientists and artists. With masters degrees in science from an accredited program, and significant art training, they are visual scientists, with the ability to research and understand complex scientific subject matter, to provide you with professional, correct content. Most BMC programs require students to have higher gross anatomy and life science grades than medical students!

About Lori Waters
After earning her BFA, Lori was the Commonwealth scholar in Ghana for her MFA. In Canada she worked in corporate communications, and studied life sciences and kinesiology. As a Massey Resident Junior Fellow, she attended the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, and graduated with her MScBMC in 2006. Lori is an award-winning professional who, through watersbiomedical, loves creating, in a variety of media, medical and scientific educational materials for audiences from patients to scientists.

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A fully qualified professional medical illustrator, Lori Waters is a graduate of Canada's only accredited Biomedical Communications programme. Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC, AMI member is the proprietor of watersbiomedical, the first full-service medical illustration studio on Vancouver Island, creating medical illustration, medical animation, medical art, scientific illustration, scientific animation, and scientific art. Located in Victoria, BC, Canada, waters combines science and art, for medical education, pharmaceutical advertising, biotechnology, healthcare promotion, book illustration, patient education, and continuing education for medical professionals. She has provided work for professors, doctors wanting to educate patients and medical students. Nurse educators, community health workers, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies also use this work for healthcare promotion and illustrating scientific concepts.